Ways You can't miss she loves your MONEY and not You

Every now and then people tend to end their relationship because one individual perceives that the Significant other is purposely after the affluence and not the affection. Now that’s true! A whole lot (NOT ALL) of girls get into dating because of the financial benefit and what not. In my short lived relationship I constantly asked myself time and time again if I was attracted to the cheddar or the individual (if you want my answer, see me in chambers). Truly it is a matter of great concern. So as usual, FROM A GIRL’S POINT OF VIEW, here are few tips to know if she is after your Money or Not.

  1. If she spends less alone time with you as compared to shopping/dinning out time on a regular, then the chances that she has an eye for the cheddar is high. Take for instance: Boy meets girl, Boy has too much cash, Boy takes Girl on a shopping spree, Immediately after shopping spree Girl takes off, Girl refuses to cook for/with Boy, Girl refuses to have a sleep over or even sleeps over and leaves first thing in the morning! Every single time!! Of a truth, Girl loves your money not you Boy.
  2. If Bae (that’s what guys call their “loved one” now right?) talks about her wants and needs more than she bothers to find out how your day went.
  3. When you do not give her money for a long time or you give her less than the normal quota and she flips out more times than you can count. Sweetheart you’re in serious trouble. Find an exit door quickly and head out of that relationship.
  4. Instances where the adored girlfriend never returns your call, opt to pay and cater for little things (even when it is obvious you’d object) that can be taken care of and most importantly never goes out of her way to make you happy or interest you (even if she gives you the mind blowing sex of all time – unless it’s a relationship of mutual benefit), make a run for it dear.
  5. Finally, if your “beloved” never encourages you to invest your finances or as much as show concern for the source of the finance and future plans for you and her then this is where I bit my lips and pull my hair and solemnly agree that indeed love is blind to a fault where you run yourself into a ditch.

I have learned that a true/ideal relationship is one of giving and receiving. It is not a single lane high way where only one person has to shoulder the entire responsibility of showing concern. Even when it’s one significant other that is financially stable in the relationship, the other can also do so many other things to make her partner feel loved and appreciated. Hope this post was chill enough for you, kindly leave your comments as to other ways you feel one could identify if they’re being loved for themselves or for their money.
Hugs and Kisses, Catherine

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  1. Oscar Frank August 11, 2017 @ 5:15 am

    Hi Catherine,
    This article is nicely written, it could’t have been any better. I totally agree with the points you outlined, especially the last one.
    Thanks for finding time to share and Happy Blogging. 🙂

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