Dressing up as a curvy girl without having to show too much flesh is something I find challenging even as a fashion lover. No matter how hard I try, I still feel I look funny when I stare back in the mirror. At the end of the day, I end up wearing too much accessories or getting a dramatic make-up just so I feel hot and satisfied. As compared to other girls with a petite body frame, it seems to me they could throw on anything at all and rock it! I’m SO not envious of them (100% Sarcasm). Never the less, we have to take what we have and make the best out of it. Here are three (3) helpful suggestions I have incorporated in my day to day fashion to get rid of the nostalgia. Ughhh!!!

  1. I never miss an opportunity to wear V-neck or low cut outfit: Whether it’s a top or dress, home tailored or ready-made, low cut neck is your best bet. For me it always flatters my body frame and makes my broad shoulders less obvious.
  2. If it has patterns it must be fitted: I hardly cared if my clothes were fitted or not. Most especially if it was printed or an outfit with patterns. That’s kind of down played, I noticed I looked more “take-away” when I wore fitted outfits with prints or patterns than when it was just loose.
  3. High waist Skirts, Trousers and Jumpsuits takes the crown: Yes, for me it does. If you are a curvy girl imagine yourself in a V-neck blouse and a pencil high waist skirt for a few seconds and tell me, you did not smile on the inside at that thought. Loose end skirts, trousers and jumpsuits are not bad but remember, the whole point is putting your best foot forward. Coming on strong with your hardest game plan and that my dear is flaunting that body type and feeling goooood about it!

I do hope you find my suggestions helpful.  These tips are not new; I’m just making more emphasis on them just in case you hadn’t taken note of them. If you think this article was Grool! (Great-Cool), kindly take a few seconds to subscribe to my newsletter or follow my blog for Amazing updates from me. Thanks for reading and I LOVE you already.