Whenever I travel in a vehicle, I always experience suffocation, dizziness accompanied with sweating and the urge to vomit intermittently. I experienced this again few days ago and It occurred to me to share what I normally do when I feel this way. If you have ever experienced this, then you have car sickness (like myself) or motion sickness as others will call it!
Car/Motion sickness happens when there is a conflict between the eyes and the inner ear. The inner ear tells the brain that the body is immobile whilst the eyes gives the opposite message causing a conflict to the entire system (the body). Here are few things you want to consider when next you feel car sick:

  • Relax: Try to calm down and clear your head of thoughts. You can be still by tilting your head upwards for easy flow of air into the lungs.
  • Get air: you could open the windows to the vehicle you are travelling in or make few stops to take a breather if you are the one driving.
  • Rest your eyes: Take your eyes off the road. you could sleep, wear sleep masks or simply close your eyes but be sure to avoid reading any material especially reading on your phone!
  • Pressure Point: Apply pressure under the underside of your wrist. This is supposed to relieve the discomfort for what seems like 10seconds or wrap your wrist with something tight (could be a wrist watch or piece of cloth) if you cannot identify the pressure point.
  • Deal properly with food: Do not eat too much or too little when you notice you normally experience motion sickness before you hit the road. Get rid of food with odor in the car because all these may contribute greatly to the nauseating feeling.
  • Seek assistance: Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about your condition just in any case they have to prescribe a drug to help the nauseating feeling before you set out on a long journey (please make sure that this drug is prescribed, that way you will be informed ahead of any side effects or drug interaction by your doctor).

Kindly leave a comment if you have questions, more suggestions or if this post has helped you in any way. Most importantly, I stand to be corrected if I have related any information that is unhealthy, obsolete or unclear. As I have shared on my ABOUT page, you can reach me by mail for more information.