Writing has always been a hobby even from a tender age for me. And sometimes I wonder how I never pursued being an author and ended up being a computer engineer. None the less, I’ve never had to regret that decision. Having a little foundation in IT (Information Technology) has assisted me in so many ways and one of them is helping develop my creativity.  Over the years I’ve been able to bring my imagination to book so others can have a feel of all the drama and crazy but amazing ideas I’ve had in my head unto my blog post. In my opinion, blogging is all about backing up an image with words while telling a story. A good blogger needs to have basic knowledge of graphic design, editing, image size and format among the others to pull off a great blog with amazing picture qualities and graphic content. Whenever I think of how far I’ve come in content management and graphics, I owe my thanks to my Alma Mater, PRACTIKUS CONSILIA (PAC for short). I took a course with PAC in 2015 with no prior knowledge on graphic design. All I had was creativity in my head that couldn’t be expressed for others to see and I must say, that was one of the best decisions I made for my career.
PRACTIKUS CONSILIA was established in 2015 with two sectors; PAC Creations and PAC Academy. PAC Academy being the division that caters to the need of students in IT with over 4 successful training sessions offering courses like Web Design and Development, Database Management System and Graphic Design. PAC Creation, the sector that provides designs for companies in need of a logo, website and flyers has designed over 30 business logos. Here are a few just to excite your creative senses.

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For more images you can visit their Instagram or Twitter and kindly take a few seconds to show some love!
PAC as a growing company aspires to motivate individuals through innovative technology today by developing working software which is beneficial to some economic sectors. They include the farm, school, auto mechanical Management software among many others still in development. The company still has some other divisions in development like the PAC Repairs (computer software and hardware repairs) and PAC Print house (branding of souvenirs, letterheads, corporate identity items, flyers and so many more). For Contact Details; The company’s Head Office can be located in Lagos, Nigeria at 30, Alimi Oke Street, Oshodi. With representatives in Accra-Ghana and Nairobi-Kenya. You can make extra cash by being a representative from any country providing great strategic partnership. For more information, kindly take out some time to visit the Company website for direct contact details to know how this offer works.
Beyond doubt Practikus Consilia (PAC) has been an ultimate game changer for me as a blogger. What throbs me, is the fact that women rarely take advantage of IT (Information Technology). This is to say that IT cuts across all area from a cosmetic line to a fashion brand, there is the need to have a fair knowledge of it. With that in mind PAC is intermittently putting together a package for women (not necessarily coding or writing programs) but something I guarantee you would enjoy, just take out time to occasionally check the website for updates if interested. I hope you enjoyed this post, be kind enough to leave a comment.


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