I could go on and on to paint myself as a kick-ass writer with loads of experiences and an amazing sense of humor. But that my friends, would be entirely untrue *giggles*.
Here’s what you can find true about me.

  • Art Lover (check!)
  • Good sense of humor (a little, say 4 on a scale of 1-10)
  • Credible information (check!)
  • Would totally not waste your time on this blog (double check!)

Also, I am a computer engineer with a knack for fashion, art and general well being of the HUMAN RACE which I love to express in writing. A twist of crazy and boring at the same time!
There’s always an amazing feeling I experience whenever I hear from my blog readers and followers. All business and individual questions and  inquiries regarding my blog may be channeled to me through: asktherine007@gmail.com
Hope you enjoy my blog content…    Regards,Catherine Goodluck. *kisses*

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